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Proactive Nutra™

Proactive Nutra is a fully compliant GMP manufacturer of nutritional supplements specializing in small order Contract Manufacturing and Private Labeling of dietary supplements.

Many people in the industry are familiar with our long history of manufacturing as Sarken Nutrition since way back in 1995. In 2016 we updated and modernized with the inception of our more market friendly name of Proactive Nutra.

Our operations are based out of our facility at 720 S Smith Road since 2012. This facility and our operations have been inspected by the FDA and by independent GMP auditors to maintain GMP certification. Historically we have almost exclusively manufactured for ourselves. Recent times present new and difficult challenges for smaller companies. Proactive Nutra is proud to expand into manufacturing for others.

We understand the challenges for small companies as they attempt to navigate and comply with 21CFR regulations and cost challenges related to testing requirements, supply chain issues, burden of larger volumes in an attempt to get unit cost competitive.  We have lived these scenarios for many years since the implementation of current regulations.

We have solutions for you; whether simply smaller orders at fair prices or our Customer Purchased Raw Material Program (CPRMP), we are here to partner with others to improve your manufacturing situation.

We hope you find the above information helpful.  If you are facing these and other challenges with your business, please contact us.  Thank you for your consideration of Proactive Nutra and allowing us to introduce ourselves.

ProActive Nutra
720 South Smith Road
Tempe, Arizona, 85288
844-839-4232 toll free

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