What about AFTER your successful Detox?

Environmental toxins as well as recreational/lifestyle toxins take a toll on your overall health and wellness.

In 2016, ProActive Nutra is building on the critical detoxification process and taking on today’s biggest health challenges with Science Based Nutrition Products.  Better ingredients give your body the support it needs to work optimally.  Anyone can put products on the shelf with generic materials. Proactive Nutra works directly with the raw material scientists and manufacturer’s to formulate only the best materials into our new products.  It can be a long, arduous process to vet the best ingredients however, we think it’s worth it. Those science based ingredients set Proactive Nutra products apart from all of the “others” on the shelf.

Our newest science based nutrition product, Nopal Aloe with ACTIValoe® and BioPerine® is a perfect example.  Nopal cactus and aloe vera have been combined for hundreds of years to support healthy digestion and immunity. It is critical for the body to absorb the nutrients available to support cellular health and build a strong immune system.  Most of the aloe and cactus materials in the market today lack the essential nutrients and the bioavailability to support your body effectively. Proactiove Nutra selected industry leading ACTIValoe® as its aloe source. ACTIValoe® is manufactured utilizing 2 different patented processes to enhance the biological activity of the aloe leaf fillet.  BioPerine® holds 7 worldwide patents and is manufactured to ensure a minimum of 95% piperine. BioPerine® is the only black pepper fruit tested in the United States to show increasing the bioavailability of nutrients tested 31.8% to 229%.

After your successful detox, you owe it to yourself to support your cellular health and your immune system with

 Proactive Nutra – Science Based  Nutritional Products.
The most nutrient dense ingredients delivered in the most bioavailable way.

ACTIValoe® is a Licensed Trademark owned by Aloecorp Inc and is manufactured using 2 patented technologies to enhance biological activity. 
*BioPerine® holds 7 worldwide patents and is a registered Trademark of the Sabinsa Corporation.