Capsule Manufacturing & Filling Services

Capsule Manufacturing & Capsule Filling Services

We are a Full Service Manufacturer of custom capsule supplements. You can
choose from vegetable capsules, gelatin capsules, colored capsules & more.
We are your one stop shop for manufacturing all types of custom capsule based products.

Why Choose to Make Capsule Based Supplements

  • Capsule based supplements are quickly and easily absorbed
  • Capsules can mask unpleasant flavors
  • Capsules are easy to swallow
  • Some material is not able to compress into tablet form
  • Capsules are very affordable

Custom Dietary Supplement Capsule Manufacturing

We can help you create a custom formula, encapsulate your formula in a capsule, bottle & label your product.

We are Ready to Manufacture a Custom Capsule Supplement For You 

We work with you to select the best ingredients that best support your target market. We will help you prepare your packaging and labels accordingly.

Contact us today to see how we can affordably manufacture your capsule based supplements.

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