Proactive Nutra offers full-service Supplement Manufacturing.  Whether you already have a formulation or if you are looking to create your own custom formulation, Proactive Nutra’s team can assist you to develop the best possible product with the best ingredients to meet your specifications.

Based entirely in the USA, we have been in business since 1995.  Initially manufacturing only our own products we have evolved to serve a select few clients that were suffering from the same ole challenges; large orders, large down payments, long and frustrating lead times tying up too much capitol and seldom knowing when you would get your product.

We focus on structuring our services to better fit that select few like-minded clients so we can deliver competitively priced small order minimums in the shortage reasonable time frame.  We are flexible to meet your needs, we assist with Private Label and

We are GMP Certified, Eurofins Certified and fully registered and compliant with the FDA.   We can do size “0” & “00” and for smaller quantities size #4 capsules in either gelatin or vegetarian capsules.

Third Party Oversight:  All ingredients go through our extensive procedures for identification and microbial testing.  To protect our clients, we send all testing out to accredited FDA approved 3rd party labs to perform our testing.  This helps assure our clients of independent verification for quality and safety.

Private Label House Brands for Resale:  A great avenue for you to consider, to beat the high upfront cost of larger minimum orders, is to join into our Private Label program.  This allows you to offer a true tested formula on your private label platform.

Please contact us directly for information on our Current Private Label House Brand products. (including a mushroom blend, fast acting detox, a weight loss product, a liver detox, a ionic mineral and more.)


Based in Tempe, Arizona, we have been producing quality nutritional supplements as far back as 1995.  Our current GMP facility was initially set up in 2012 and continues to operate with annual inspections and certification from FDA approved certification experts.  Many of our staff exceed 10 years of direct industry experience.  Our ingredients are sourced from all over the world but we only use Pre-Qualified Suppliers with a proven track record for providing tested quality products.

We are FDA registered and have current GMP certification available for review upon request.  Additionally, some management and staff carry all the necessary training and certifications required for their positions.

Proactive Nutra uses numerous different accredited laboratories for various testing requirements including Eurofins Analytical Laboratories, Analytical Resource Laboratories, Advanced Laboratories Inc. and Alkemist Laboratory.  Other specialty labs are used when needed.

Materials used in the manufacturing process are governed by CFR 21 111.  Accordingly, all materials must meet and continuously comply with our test specifications.  Many factors beyond our control will affect the availability of raw materials and other items, therefore any delivery date is subject to change.   Our normal turnaround time averages about 10 weeks.

Generally, we are able to package your products how you wish.  Packaging specifics will be determined and agreed to prior to beginning your order.  Shipping will be the customers responsibility but of course we will coordinate shipping as necessary.  Long term storage is not currently available.

The specifics of your order will be determined and agreed to in the quoting process.  Our ability to provide small order quantities is one of the main things that separate us from some of the competition.  If you looking for flexibility and cooperation from your manufacturer you have come to the right place.

Your formula is critical to the success of your products.  While we are hear to help in any way we can, we suggest you arrange formulation and processing specifics with experts of your choosing.  We do have many products and formulas available.  Please contact us for more detailed information on what you are looking for.